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A large project is affecting the neighborhood in which it is located The neighbors are not satisfied with the project and
their resistance to the project may affect the project deadline
What two actions should the project manager take\\’? (Choose two)

A. Send letters to the neighbors and ask them kindly not to disturb the project.
B. Set up a meeting with neighborhood representatives to win their cooperation
C. Analyze the situation and find out what is causing the neighborhood\\’s negative attitude.
D. Ask the customer to extend the project deadline to allow time for conflict resolution
E. Ask the mayor of the city to use their authority to stop neighborhood resistance
Correct Answer: BC


A project manager is leading a new agile project. The requirements for the first sprint have been defined and the work is about to start.
What should the project manager do next?

A. Assign the tasks to the resources based on their expertise.
B. Ensure that the priority of each task is clear to the team.
C. Ask the team to self-organize and manage the work assigned.
D. Tell the team which tasks to focus on at the next daily standup.
Correct Answer: C


A team is working on a hybrid project. Due to different interpretations of the project requirements, the deliverables are
not aligned with the expectations. What steps should the project manager have taken to prevent this?

A. Update the project management plan in order to get back on track.
B. Ensure the team receives continuous feedback from customers’ users.
C. Submit a change request to adjust the project scope.
D. Ensure the team understands all additional project requirements.
Correct Answer: A


Which two actions should a project manager consider while launching a new virtual team? (Choose two)

A. Recruit the best resources within the organization to be part of the virtual team
B. Evaluate the project manager\\’s own strengths and weaknesses as a virtual team leader to identify avoidable pitfalls
C. Identify the types and quantities of resources required for each work package or activity
D. Establish in the beginning, how progress will be monitored and the best means for communicating progress
E. Verify if team members are on more than one team and cannot devote enough time to this team
Correct Answer: DE


During a project\\’s third iteration, two of the existing team members were replaced As the project entered the next
iteration, the team velocity dropped and the performance started to slip.
What should the project manager do?

A. Guide the team to revert back to the forming and storming stages
B. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor.
C. Convene a team-building event to address key performance indicators (KPIs).
D. Discuss the decrease in productivity with human resources
Correct Answer: A


A large company has agreed on a business case for an environmental project. The project will cause some major
changes in their operations, such as a reduction in paper use, which will obviously affect all of the users. What is the first thing the appointed project manager should do?

A. Evaluate the impact on the users and create a plan to address it.
B. Inform users about the new changes and ask for their collaboration.
C. Ask all managers to collaborate implementing this change to users.
D. Start implementing the change so that users will eventually get used to it.
Correct Answer: B


A project manager is appointed to simultaneously deploy a new solution to branches located in different countries
Deployment teams in each country will integrate and deploy the solution The project manager discovers that the
deployment teams each encounter similar issues, However, each team addresses the issues separately

What should the project manager do to help ensure more collaboration between the teams?

A. Organize regular meetings with all of the deployment teams to share issues and solutions
B. Propose that some of the teams delay deployments in their countries
C. Ask the project sponsor to appoint new managers for the deployment teams
D. Ask each deployment team to provide a very detailed schedule and action plan
Correct Answer: A


A project manager finished reviewing the project deliverables for the current iteration with the customer A new key
stakeholder who just joined the customer\\’s team, complains that the results do not provide the capabilities the
business anticipated

What should the project manager do to address this issue?

A. Create a change request and update the scope management plan
B. Conduct stakeholder identification and a project objectives review session
C. Update the stakeholder list and fix the deliverables
D. Update the project management plan and lessons learned
Correct Answer: B


A stakeholder instructs a propel manager 10 to transfer a key resource from project A\\’s team to project B\\’s team. What should the project manager do it first?

A. Consult with other stakeholders to counter the proposal
B. Propose canceling the protection if the key resource is unavailable
C. Negotiate with the stakeholder to use the key resource
D. Assess the impact of the request and issue a change request.
Correct Answer: A


A retail chain is evaluating a project to replace payment systems across all its stores in multiple locations The project
does not pass the financial threshold but is also expected to increase market share, improve customer services and
retain more customers The project is planned as a phased implementation building on learning from the retrospectives
during each phase

How should the business increase the value of the project?

A. Quantify the expected tangible and intangible benefits in the benefits management plan for each phase
B. Ask the benefits owner to reassess the identified risks that are impacting the outcomes of the financial benefits.
C. Consult with experts on methods to reduce costs and increase the financial value of the project
D. Use a fishbone diagram to find the root cause of the lower financial benefits with the benefits owner
Correct Answer: C


A project manager is struggling to figure out the performance of the project teams in an agile environment for the same scope of work, team A has calculated 100 story points and team B has calculated 125 story points
Which team is performing better?

A. Team A they have calculated fewer story points than team B.
B. Team B they have calculated more story points than team A
C. The team that completes the most stories selected from the sprint backlog
D. The team with the least amount of defects in their deliverables
Correct Answer: D


A project team Is working on a relative-weighting approach to assessing product features. The product features will be
prioritized to highlight the benefits and bring value to the customer.

What should the project manager ask the team to do?

A. Perform collaborative work that is coordinated by the project manager.
B. Rely on the expert judgment of the product owner.
C. Use a market-based strategy.
D. Engage the project sponsor.
Correct Answer: A


A new agile team is having trouble completing tasks. There are many disputes occurring in the team. What should the
What does agile leader do in this situation?

A. Escalate the issue to the team\\’s manager.
B. Remove some of the team members.
C. Review the roles and responsibilities document.
D. Develop working agreements with the team.
Correct Answer: C

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