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What is the relationship between the NSE 5 Network Security Analyst and the Fortinet NSE 5—FortiAnalyzer 6.4 exam?

NSE 5 Network Security Analyst –

The Cybersecurity Analyst designation recognizes your ability to implement cybersecurity management and analysis using Fortinet security appliances.

Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.4 –

The Fortinet NSE 5-FortiAnalyzer 6.4 exam is part of the NSE 5 Cybersecurity Analyst Program and recognizes successful candidates’ knowledge and expertise in FortiAnalyzer.

Successfully passing the NSE5_FAZ-6.4 exam earns NSE 5 Network Security Analyst certification.

You can go through the following to learn more details about Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.4:

Exam Name: Fortinet NSE 5—FortiAnalyzer 6.4
Exam series: NSE5_FAZ-6.4
Time allowed: 60 minutes
Exam questions: 30 multiple-choice questions
Language: English and Japanese
Product version: FortiOS 6.4.1
FortiAnalyzer 6.4.1

Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiAnalyzer 6.4

How can I get NSE 5 certification?

You must successfully pass at least two Fortinet NSE 5 certification exams. Successfully passing each product-specific exam earns the appropriate Expert designation. Today we are mainly talking about the NSE5_FAZ-6.4 exam, so you must successfully pass the NSE5_FAZ-6.4 exam.

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You are using RAID with a FortiAnalyzer that supports software RAID, and one of the hard disks on FortiAnalyzer has failed. What is the recommended method to replace the disk?

A. Shut down FortiAnalyzer and then replace the disk
B. Downgrade your RAID level, replace the disk, and then upgrade your RAID level
C. Clear all RAID alarms and replace the disk while FortiAnalyzer is still running
D. Perform a hot swap

Correct Answer: A


Which statements are true of Administrative Domains (ADOMs) in FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)

A. ADOMs are enabled by default.
B. ADOMs constrain other administrator\’s access privileges to a subset of devices in the device list.
C. Once enabled, the Device Manager, FortiView, Event Management, and Reports tab display per ADOM.
D. All administrators can create ADOMs–not just the admin administrator.

Correct Answer: BC


Which two statements are true regarding FortiAnalyzer log forwarding? (Choose two.)

A. In aggregation mode, you can forward logs to syslog and CEF servers as well.
B. Forwarding mode forwards logs in real time only to other FortiAnalyzer devices.
C. Aggregation mode stores logs and content files and uploads them to another FortiAnalyzer device at a scheduled time.
D. Both modes, forwarding and aggregation, support encryption of logs between devices.

Correct Answer: CD

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.2.0/cookbook/63238/what-is-the-differencebetween-logforward-and-log-aggregation-modes


View the exhibit.

Why is the total quota less than the total system storage?

A. 3.6% of the system storage is already being used.
B. Some space is reserved for system use, such as storage of compression files, upload files, and temporary report files
C. The oftpd process has not archived the logs yet
D. The logfiled process is just estimating the total quota

Correct Answer: B



What statements are true regarding FortiAnalyzer \’s treatment of high availability (HA) dusters? (Choose two)

A. FortiAnalyzer distinguishes different devices by their serial number.
B. FortiAnalyzer receives logs from d devices in a duster.
C. FortiAnalyzer receives bgs only from the primary device in the cluster.
D. FortiAnalyzer only needs to know (he serial number of the primary device in the cluster-it automaticaly discovers the other devices.

Correct Answer: AB


Which two statements are true regarding log fetching on FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)

A. A FortiAnalyzer device can perform either the fetch server or client role, and it can perform two roles at the same time with the same FortiAnalyzer devices at the other end.
B. Log fetching can be done only on two FortiAnalyzer devices that are running the same firmware version.
C. Log fetching allows the administrator to fetch analytics logs from another FortiAnalyzer for redundancy.
D. Log fetching allows the administrator to run queries and reports against historical data by retrieving archived logs from one FortiAnalyzer device and sending them to another FortiAnalyzer device.

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/7.0.1/administration-guide/651442/fetchermanagement


Which two statements are true regarding FortiAnalyzer operating modes? (Choose two.)

A. When in collector mode, FortiAnalyzer collects logs from multiple devices and forwards these logs in the original binary format.
B. Collector mode is the default operating mode.
C. When in collector mode. FortiAnalyzer supports event management and reporting features.
D. By deploying different FortiAnalyzer devices with collector and analyzer mode in a network, you can improve the overall performance of log receiving, analysis, and reporting

Correct Answer: AD

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/7.0.0/administration-guide/227478/collectormode


For which two SAML roles can the FortiAnalyzer be configured? (Choose two.)

A. Principal
B. Service provider
C. Identity collector
D. Identity provider

Correct Answer: BD

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.2.0/new-features/957811/samladminauthentication#:~:text



In FortiAnalyzer\’s FormView, source and destination IP addresses from FortiGate devices are not resolving to a hostname. How can you resolve the source and destination IPs, without introducing any additional performance impact to FortiAnalyzer?

A. Configure local DNS servers on FortiAnalyzer
B. Resolve IPs on FortiGate
C. Configure # set resolve-ip enable in the system FortiView settings
D. Resolve IPs on a per-ADOM basis to reduce delay on FortiView while IPs resolve

Correct Answer: B


What are offline logs on FortiAnalyzer?

A. Compressed logs, which are also known as archive logs, are considered to be offline logs.
B. When you restart FortiAnalyzer. all stored logs are considered to be offline logs.
C. Logs that are indexed and stored in the SQL database.
D. Logs that are collected from offline devices after they boot up.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://help.fortinet.com/fa/faz50hlp/56/5-6-6/Content/
FortiAnalyzer_Admin_Guide/0300_Key_concepts/0600_Log_Storage/0400_Arch ive_analytics_logs.htm


What is the recommended method of expanding disk space on a FortiAnalyzer VM?

A. From the VM host manager, add an additional virtual disk and use the #execute lvm extend command to expand the storage
B. From the VM host manager, expand the size of the existing virtual disk
C. From the VM host manager, expand the size of the existing virtual disk and use the # execute format disk command to reformat the disk
D. From the VM host manager, add an additional virtual disk and rebuild your RAID array

Correct Answer: A



View the exhibit.

What does the data point at 14:35 tell you?

A. FortiAnalyzer is dropping logs.
B. FortiAnalyzer is indexing logs faster than logs are being received.
C. FortiAnalyzer has temporarily stopped receiving logs so older logs\’ can be indexed.
D. The sqlplugind daemon is ahead in indexing by one log.

Correct Answer: B



After you have moved a registered logging device out of one ADOM and into a new ADOM, what is the purpose of running the following CLI command?

A. To reset the disk quota enforcement to default
B. To remove the analytics logs of the device from the old database
C. To migrate the archive logs to the new ADOM
D. To populate the new ADOM with analytical logs for the moved device, so you can run reports

Correct Answer: D

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