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70-346 dumps

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You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. You have a workstation that runs Windows 8. You need to install the prerequisite components so that you can view mail protection reports on the workstation. Which two items must you install? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. SQL Server Analysis Services
B. Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool
C. Microsoft Access 2013

D. .NET Framework 4.5
E. Microsoft Excel 2013
70-346 exam Correct Answer: DE
An organization migrates to Office 365. The Office 365 administrator must be notified when Office 365 maintenance activities are planned. You need to configure the administrator’s computer to receive the notifications. What should you configure?
A. Office 365 Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager
B. Service requests
C. Service health page
D. Office 365 Service Health RSS Notifications feed
Correct Answer: D
Your company has an Office 365 subscription. You create a new retention policy that contains several retention tags. A user named Test5 has a client computer that runs Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. You install Microsoft Outlook 2010 on the client computer of Test5. Test5 reports that the new retention tags are unavailable from Outlook 2010. You verify that other users can use the new retention tags. You need to ensure that the new retention tags are available to Test5 from Outlook 2010. What should you do?
A. Instruct Test5 to repair the Outlook profile.
B. Modify the retention policy tags.
C. Run the Set-Mailbox cmdlet.
D. Force directory synchronization.
70-346 dumps Correct Answer: A
Your company purchases an Office 365 plan. The company has an Active Directory Domain Services domain. User1 must manage Office 365 delegation for the company. You need to ensure that User1 can assign administrative roles to other users. What should you do?
A. Use a password administrator account to assign the role to User1.
B. Use a user management administrator account to assign the role to User1.
C. Create an Office 365 tenant and assign User1 the global administrator role.
D. Create an Office 365 tenant and assign User1 the password administrator role.
Correct Answer: C
Your company has 100 user mailboxes. The company purchases a subscription to Office 365 for professionals and small businesses. You need to enable the Litigation Hold feature for each mailbox. What should you do first?
A. Create a service request.
B. Modify the default retention policy.

C. Enable audit logging for all of the mailboxes.
D. Purchase a subscription to Office 365 for midsize business and enterprises.
70-346 pdf Correct Answer: D
You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. You have a server that runs Windows Server 2012. You plan to install an Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) proxy server. You need to install and configure all of the required roles. Which two roles should you install and configure? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
B. Web Server (IIS)
C. Remote Access
D. Application Server
E. Network Policy and Access Service
F. Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
Correct Answer: BE
Product-quality-related costs are part of a total quality control program. A product-quality related cost incurred in detecting individual products that do not conform to specifications is an example of a n)
A. Prevention cost.
B. Appraisal cost.
C. External failure cost.
D. Opportunity cost.
70-346 vce Correct Answer: B
Quality-related costs can be subdivided into four categories: external failure costs, internalfailure costs, prevention costs, and appraisal costs. Appraisal costs embrace such activities asstatistical quality control programs, inspection, and testing. Thus, the cost of detectingnonconforming individual products is an appraisal cost.
The costs of quality that are incurred in detecting units of product that do not conform to product specifications are referred to as
A. Prevention costs.
B. Appraisal costs.
C. Rework costs.
D. Failure costs.
Correct Answer: B
Appraisal embraces such activities as statistical quality control programs, inspection, andtesting. Appraisal costs are those costs such as test equipment maintenance and destructivetesting) incurred to detect which products do not conform to specifications.
The use of teams in total quality management TOM) is important because:
A. Well-managed teams can be highly creative and are able to address complex problemsbetter than individuals can.
B. Teams are quicker to make decisions, thereby helping to reduce cycle time.
C. Employee motivation is higher for team members than for individual contributors.
D. The use of teams eliminates the need for supervision, thereby alloying a company tobecome leaner and more profitable.
70-346 exam Correct Answer: A
Teams can use the diverse knowledge and skills of all team members. Employee involvementmeans training and empowering employees to harness their creativity for problem solving. Quality control circles are used to obtain input from employees and to locate the bestperspective on problem solving.
A means of limiting production delays caused by equipment breakdown and repair is to:
A. Schedule production based on capacity planning.
B. Plan maintenance activity based on an analysis of equipment repair work orders.
C. Pre-authorize equipment maintenance and overtime pa}.
D. Establish a preventive maintenance program for all production equipment.
Correct Answer: D
Preventivemaintenance program will reduce equipment breakdowns and repairs.
If a manufacturer has established a limit on the number of defects that are tolerable in the final assembly of its product, which of the following quality control procedures should be employed?
I.Inspect completed goods for compliance with established tolerances.
II. Review sales returns for defects not detected during the final inspection process.
III. Compare materials and machinery specifications with original product designs.
IV. Establish a quality circle that includes management and subordinates to discuss labor efficiency.
A. I, III, and I.
B. II and III only.
C. I, II, and III.
D. III and IV only.
70-346 dumps Correct Answer: C
Quality control procedures may be categorized according to the nature of the costs incurred. An organization incurs appraisal costs to ensure product quality. These costs include thecosts of inspection, testing, and statistical quality control programs. An organization alsoshould investigate the causes of sales returns, which represent an external failure cost. Furthermore, the organization should incur certain prevention costs, e.g., by reviewingequipment design and materials requirements.
Which statement best describes total quality management TOM)?
A. TOM emphasizes reducing the cast of inspection.
B. TOM emphasizes better statistical quality control techniques.
C. TOM emphasizes doing each job right the first time.
D. TOM emphasizes encouraging crass-functional teamwork.
Correct Answer: C
TOM establishes quality as an organizational objective and views it as a major component ofthe organization’s service to its customers. It emphasizes employee training and commitment,product/service design and production, and customer service. Ordinarily, the quality of aproduct or service is as important to customers as cast and timeliness. Superior productquality is not attained merely through more inspection, better statistical quality control, andcross-functional teamwork. Manufactures must make fundamental changes in the way theyproduce products and do each jab right the first time.
Quality cost indices are often used to measure and analyze the cost of maintaining or improving the level of quality. Such indices are computed by dividing the total cost of quality over a given period by some measure of activity during that period for example, sales dollars). The following cost data are available for a company for the month of March. The company’s quality cost index is calculated using total cost of quality divided by sales dollars.
Sales US $400,000
Direct materials cost 100,000
Direct labor cost 80,000
Testing and inspection cost 6,400
Scrap and rework cost 16,800
Quality planning cost 2,800
Cost of customer complaints and returns 4,000
The quality cost index for March is:
A. 7.5%
B. 6.5%
C. 22.0%
D. 5.9%
70-346 pdf Correct Answer: A
The total cost of quality equals the sum of prevention costs quality planning), appraisal casts testing and inspection), internal failure casts scrap and rework), and external failure castscustomer complaints and returns), or U $30,000 $2,800 + $6,400 + $16,800 + $4,000). Thequality cost index equals the total casts of quality divided by sales. Thus, the quality castindex for March is 7.5% U $80,000 U $400,000).
The internal audit activity has undertaken an audit of the shipping and receiving department of a department store chain. The best engagement tool for this purpose most likely is:
A. Competitive benchmarking.
B. Strategic benchmarking.
C. Internal benchmarking.
D. Process benchmarking.
Correct Answer: D
Process function) benchmarking studies operations of organizations with similar processesregardless of industry. Thus, the benchmark need not be a competitor Or even a similarentity}. This method may introduce new ideas that provide a significant competitiveadvantage. The advantage of process benchmarking is that it permits a wider choice ofbenchmarked organizations. Thus, the best practices for a shipping and receiving functionmay not be found in the same industry}.
Using the balanced scorecard approach, an organization evaluates managerial performance based on
A. A single ultimate measure of operating results, such as residual income.
B. Multiple financial and nonfinancial measures.
C. Multiple nonfinancial measures only.
D. Multiple financial measures only.
70-346 vce Correct Answer: B
The trend in managerial performance evaluation is the balanced scorecard approach. Multiplemeasures of performance permit a determination as to whether a manager is achieving certainobjectives at the expense of others that may be equally or more important. These measuresmay be financial or nonfinancial and usually include items in four categories: I) financial; 2)customer; 3) internal business processes; and 4) learning, growth, and innovation.
On a balanced scorecard, which of the following is not a customer measure?
A. Market share.
B. Economic value added.
C. Service response time.
D. Warranty expense.
Correct Answer: B
Customer measures include market share and its trend, service response time, deliveryperformance, warranty returns, expense, complaints, and survey results. Economic valueadded, or E1 A, is a financial measure.
Under the balanced scorecard concept, employee satisfaction and retention are measures used under which of the following perspectives?
A. Customer.
B. Internal business.
C. Learning and growth.
D. Financial.
70-346 exam Correct Answer: C
The balanced scorecard is an accounting report that connects the firm’s critical successfactors CSFs) determined in a strategic analysis to measures of its performance. CSFs arefinancial and nonfinancial measures. For the learning, growth, and innovation perspective,the CSFs may be development of new products, promptness of their introduction, humanresource development, morale, and competence of the workforce. Measures of employeesatisfaction, retention, and competence may include RD personnel qualifications, hours oftraining, skill set levels attained, personnel turnover, and personnel complaints and surveyresults.
On a balanced scorecard, which is more of an internal process measure than an external based measure?
A. Cycle time.
B. Profitability.
C. Customer satisfaction.
D. Market share.
Correct Answer: A
Cycle time is the manufacturing time to complete an order. Thus, cycle time is strictly relatedto internal processes. Profitability is a combination of internal and external considerations. Customer satisfaction and market share are related to how customers perceive a product andhow competitors react.
Which one of the following is not a characteristic of an innovative manufacturing company?
A. Emphasis on continuous improvement.
B. Responsiveness to the changing manufacturing environment.
C. Emphasis on existing products.
D. Improved customer satisfaction through product quality.

70-346 dumps Correct Answer: C
Innovative companies are customer driven. Because customers demand ever better qualityand competitors are attempting to provide that quality, continuous improvement calledkaizen by the Japanese) is essential for such companies. Thus, the flaw of innovativeproducts and services must be continuous. Simply emphasizing existing products is not aneffective strategy for most organizations.

70-346 dumps

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