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Latest HPE6-A78 Exam Questions 2022 [Free]

1. A company has Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). Aruba Campus APs. and ArubaOS-CX switches. The company plans to use ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) to classify endpoints by type The ClearPass admins tell you that they want to run Network scans as part of the solution. What should you do to configure the infrastructure to support the scans?

A. Create a TA profile on the ArubaOS-Switches with the root CA certificate for ClearPass\\’s HTTPS certificate
B. Create device fingerprinting profiles on the ArubaOS-Switches that include SNMP. and apply the profiles to edge ports
C. Create remote mirrors on the ArubaOS-Switches that collect traffic on edge ports, and mirror it to CPPM\\’s IP address.
D. Create SNMPv3 users on ArubaOS-CX switches, and make sure that the credentials match those configured on CPPM

Correct Answer: B

2. What is one way that WPA3-PerSonal enhances security when compared to WPA2- Personal?

A. WPA3-Perscn3i is more secure against password leaking Because all users have their own username and password
B. WPA3-Personal prevents eavesdropping on other users\\’ wireless traffic by a user who knows the passphrase for the WLAN.
C. WPA3-Personal is more resistant to passphrase cracking Because it requires passphrases to be at least 12 characters
D. WPA3-Personal is more complicated to deploy because it requires a backend authentication server

Correct Answer: A

3. What is the benefit of using network aliases in ArubaOS firewall policies?

A. You can associate a reputation score with the network alias to create rules that filler traffic based on reputation rather than IP.
B. You can use the aliases to translate client IP addresses to other IP addresses on the other side of the firewall
C. You can adjust the IP addresses in the aliases, and the rules using those aliases automatically update
D. You can use the aliases to conceal the true IP addresses of servers from potentially untrusted clients.

Correct Answer: A

4. An ArubaOS-CX switch enforces 802.1X on a port. No fan-through options or port-access roles are configured on the port The 802 1X supplicant on a connected client has not yet completed authentication. Which type of traffic does the authenticator accept from the client?

A. EAP only
B. DHCP, DNS, and RADIUS only
C. RADIUS only
D. DHCP, DNS, and EAP only

Correct Answer: A

5. What is the reason to set up a packet capture on an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC)?

A. The company wants to use ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) to profile devices and needs to receive HTTP UserAgent strings from the MC.
B. The security team believes that a wireless endpoint connected to the MC is launching an attack and wants to examine the traffic more closely.
C. You want the MC to analyze wireless clients\\’ traffic at a lower level so that the ArubaOS firewall can control the traffic I based on the application.
D. You want the MC to analyze wireless clients\\’ traffic at a lower level so that the ArubaOS firewall can control Web traffic based on the destination URL.

Correct Answer: C

6. What correctly describes the Pairwise Master Key (PMK) in the specified wireless security protocol?

A. In WPA3-Enterprise, the PMK is unique per session and derived using Simultaneous Authentication of Equals.
B. In WPA3-Personal, the PMK is unique per session and derived using Simultaneous Authentication of Equals.
C. In WPA3-Personal, the PMK is derived directly from the passphrase and is the same for every session.
D. In WPA3-Personal, the PMK is the same for each session and is communicated to clients that authenticate

Correct Answer: A

7. What is a guideline for managing local certificates on an ArubaOS-Switch?

A. Before installing the local certificate, create a trust anchor (TA) profile with the root CA certificate for the certificate that you will install
B. Install an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) certificate to simplify the process of enrolling and re-enrolling for a certificate
C. Generate the certificate signing request (CSR) with a program offline, then, install both the certificate and the private key on the switch in a single file.
D. Create a self-signed certificate online on the switch because ArubaOS-Switches do not support CA-signed certificates.

Correct Answer: C

8. What is the difference between radius and TACACS+?

A. RADIUS combines the authentication and authorization process while TACACS+ separates them.
B. RADIUS uses TCP for Its connection protocol, while TACACS+ uses UDP for its connection protocol.
C. RADIUS encrypts the complete packet, white TACACS+ only offers partial encryption.
D. RADIUS uses Attribute Value Pairs (AVPs) in its messages, while TACACS+ does not use them.

Correct Answer: A

9. What is symmetric encryption?

A. It simultaneously creates ciphertext and a same-size MAC.
B. any form of encryption mat ensures that the ciphertext Is the same length as the plaintext.
C. It uses the same key to encrypt plaintext as to decrypt the ciphertext.
D. It uses a Key that is double the size of the message that it encrypts.

Correct Answer: C

10. What is an example of phishing?

A. An attacker sends TCP messages to many different ports to discover which ports are open.
B. An attacker checks a user\’s password by using trying millions of potential passwords.
C. An attacker lures clients to connect to a software-based AP that is using a legitimate SSID.
D. An attacker sends emails posing as a service team member to get users to disclose their passwords.

Correct Answer: D

11. You have an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). for which you are already using Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) to authenticate access to the Web Ul with usernames and passwords You now want to enable managers to use certificates to log in to the Web Ul CPPM will continue to act as the external server to check the names in managers\\’ certificates and tell the MC the managers\\’ correct rote in addition to enabling certificate authentication. What is a step that you should complete on the MC?

A. Verify that the MC has the correct certificates, and add RadSec to the RADIUS server configuration for CPPM
B. install all of the managers\\’ certificates on the MC as OCSP Responder certificates
C. Verify that the MC trusts CPPM\\’s HTTPS certificate by uploading a trusted CA certificate Also, configure a CPPM username and password on the MC
D. Create a local admin account mat uses certificates in the account, specify the correct trusted CA certificate and external authentication

Correct Answer: A

12. You have been instructed to look in the ArubaOS Security Dashboard\\’s client list Your goal is to find clients mat belong to the company and have connected to devices that might belong to hackers. Which client fits this description?

A. MAC address d8:50:e6:f3;6d;a4; Client Classification Authorized; AP Classification, interfering
B. MAC address d8:50:e6 f3;6e;c5; Client Classification Interfering. AP Classification Neighbor
C. MAC address d8:50:e6:f3;6e;60; Client Classification Interfering. AP Classification Interfering
D. MAC address d8:50:e6:f3;TO;ab; Client Classification Interfering. AP Classification Rogue

Correct Answer: C

13. Refer to the exhibit.
This company has ArubaOS-Switches. The exhibit shows one access layer switch, Swllcn-2. as an example, but the campus actually has more switches. The company wants to stop any internal users from exploiting ARP. What Is the proper way to configure the switches to meet these requirements?

A. On Switch-1, enable ARP protection globally and enable ARP protection on all VLANs.
B. On Switch-2, make ports connected to employee devices trusted ports for ARP protection
C. On Switch-2, enable DHCP snooping globally and on VLAN 201 before enabling ARP protection
D. On Switch-2, configure static PP-to-MAC bindings for all end-user devices on the network

Correct Answer: D

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