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Pass4itsure 2023 Newest Cisco 200-301 CCNA Exam Questions Answers


Refer to the exhibit.

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q1

access-list 10 permit

ip nat inside source list 10 pool CCNA overload

Which command set configures ROUTER-1 to allow Internet access for users on the subnet while using for Port Address Translation?

A. ip nat pool CCNA netmask

B. ip nat pool CCNA netmask

access-list 10 permit

ip nat inside source list 10 pool CCNA overload

C. ip nat pool CCNA netmask

access-list 10 permit

ip nat inside source list 10 pool CCNA overload

D. ip nat pool CCNA netmask access-list 10 permit ip nat inside source list 10 pool CCNA overload

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. Site A was recently connected to site B over a new single-mode fiber path. Users at site A report Intermittent connectivity Issues with applications hosted at site B. What is the reason for the problem?

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q2

A. Heavy usage is causing high latency.

B. An incorrect type of transceiver has been inserted into a device on the link.

C. physical network errors are being transmitted between the two sites.

D. The wrong cable type was used to make the connection.

Correct Answer: C


A multivendor network exists and the company is implementing VoIP over the network for the first time.

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q3

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Correct Answer: B


Which two statements are factual about the command ip route (Choose two.)

A. It establishes a static route to the network.

B. It establishes a static route to the network.

C. It configures the router to send any traffic for an unknown destination to the network.

D. It configures the router to send any traffic for an unknown destination out the interface with the address

E. It uses the default administrative distance.

F. It is a route that would be used last if other ways to the same destination exist.

Correct Answer: AE


What is a feature of WPA?

A. 802.1x authentication

B. preshared key

C. TKIP/MIC encryption

D. small Wi-Fi application

Correct Answer: A



Drag and drop the threat-mitigation techniques from the left onto the types of threat or attack they mitigate on the right.

Select and Place:

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q6

Correct Answer:

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q6-2

Double-Tagging attack:

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q6-3

In this attack, the attacking computer generates frames with two 802.1Q tags. The first tag matches the native VLAN of the trunk port (VLAN 10 in this case), and the second matches the VLAN of a host it wants to attack (VLAN 20).

When the packet from the attacker reaches Switch A, Switch A only sees the first VLAN 10 and it matches with its native VLAN 10 so this VLAN tag is removed.

Switch A forwards the frame out of all links with the same native VLAN 10. Switch Receives the frame with a tag of VLAN 20 so it removes this tag and forwards it out to the Victim’s computer.

Note: This attack only works if the trunk (between two switches) has the same native VLAN as the attacker.

To mitigate this type of attack, you can use VLAN access control lists (VACLs, which apply to all traffic within a VLAN. We can use VACL to drop attacker traffic to specific victims/servers) or implement Private VLANs.

ARP attack (like ARP poisoning/spoofing) is a type of attack in which a malicious actor sends falsified ARP messages over a local area network as ARP allows a gratuitous reply from a host even if an ARP request was not received.

This results in linking an attacker\’s MAC address with the IP address of a legitimate computer or server on the network. This is an attack based on ARP which is at Layer 2. Dynamic ARP inspection (DAI) is a security feature that validates ARP packets in a network which can be used to mitigate this type of attack.


Which switch concept is used to create separate broadcast domains?





Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must update the configuration on Switch2 so that it sends LLDP packets every minute and the information sent via LLDP is refreshed every 3 minutes Which configuration must the engineer apply?

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q8

A. Switch2(config)#lldp timer 60 Switch2(config)#lldp holdtime 180

B. Switch2(config)#lldp timer 60 Switch2(config)#lldp tlv-select 180

C. Switch2(config)#lldp timer 1 Switch2(config)#lldp holdtime 3

D. Switch2(config)#lldp timer 1 Switch2(config)#lldp tlv-select 3

Correct Answer: A


When using Rapid PVST+, which command guarantees the switch is always the root bridge for VLAN 200?

A. spanning-tree vlan 200 priority 614440

B. spanning-tree vlan 200 priority 38572422

C. spanning-tree vlan 200 priority 0

D. spanning-tree vlan 200 root primary

Correct Answer: C


A network engineer implements a new Cisco Firepower device on the network to exploit its intrusion detection functionality. There is a requirement to analyze the traffic going across the device, alert on any malicious traffic, and appear as a bump in the wire. How should this be implemented?

A. Specify the BVI IP address as the default gateway for connected devices

B. Enable routing on the Cisco Firepower

C. Add an IP address to the physical Cisco Firepower interfaces

D. Configure a bridge group in transparent mode

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.

200-301 ccna exam questions and answers q11

Which prefix does CertBus-R use to Host A?





Correct Answer: D

Host A address fall within the address range. However, if more than one route to the same subnet exists (the router will use the longest stick match, which matches a more specific route to the subnet). If there are routes and, the router will forward the packet to /29 rather than /28.


Which WLC interface provides out-of-band management in the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Architecture?

A. AP-Manager

B. service port

C. dynamic

D. virtual

Correct Answer: B


Which statement about LLDP is true?

A. It is a Cisco proprietary protocol.

B. It is configured in global configuration mode.

C. The LLDP update frequency is a fixed value.

D. It runs over the transport layer.

Correct Answer: B


A port security violation has occurred on a switch port due to the maximum MAC address count being exceeded, which command must be configured to increment the security-violation count and forward an SNMP trap?

A. switch port port-security violation access

B. switch port port-security violation protect

C. switch port port-security violation restrict

D. switch port port-security violation shutdown

Correct Answer: D


Which cipher is supported for wireless encryption only with the WPA2 standard?

A. AES256


C. RC4


Correct Answer: B

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