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500-285 Q&As


Host criticality is an example of which option?

A. a default whitelist
B. a default traffic profile
C. a host attribute
D. a correlation policy


Which statement is true concerning static NAT?

A. Static NAT supports only TCP traffic.
B. Static NAT is normally deployed for outbound traffic only.
C. Static NAT provides a one-to-one mapping between IP addresses.
D. Static NAT provides a many-to-one mapping between IP addresses.


Which statement is true in regard to the Sourcefire Security Intelligence lists?

A. The global blacklist universally allows all traffic through the managed device.
B. The global whitelist cannot be edited.
C. IP addresses can be added to the global blacklist by clicking on interactive graphs in Context Explorer.
D. The Security Intelligence lists cannot be updated.


Which option is used to implement suppression in the Rule Management user interface?

A. Rule Category
B. Global
C. Source
D. Protocol


Access control policy rules can be configured to block based on the conditions that you specify in each rule. Which behavior block response do you use if you want to deny and reset the connection of HTTP traffic that meets the conditions of the access control rule?

A. interactive block with reset
B. interactive block
C. block
D. block with reset


The IP address::/0 is equivalent to which IPv4 address and netmask?

D. The IP address::/0 is not valid IPv6 syntax.


Other than navigating to the Network File Trajectory page for a file, which option is an alternative way of accessing the network trajectory of a file?

A. from Context Explorer
B. from the Analysis menu
C. from the cloud
D. from the Defense Center


Which policy controls malware blocking configuration?

A. file policy
B. malware policy
C. access control policy
D. IPS policy


Which option is true when configuring an access control rule?

A. You can use geolocation criteria to specify source IP addresses by country and continent, as well as destination IP addresses by country and continent.
B. You can use geolocation criteria to specify destination IP addresses by country but not source IP addresses.
C. You can use geolocation criteria to specify source and destination IP addresses by country but not by continent.
D. You can use geolocation criteria to specify source and destination IP addresses by continent but not by country.


Stacking allows a primary device to utilize which resources of secondary devices?

A. interfaces, CPUs, and memory
B. CPUs and memory
C. interfaces, CPUs, memory, and storage
D. interfaces and storage


Where do you configure widget properties?

A. dashboard properties
B. the Widget Properties button in the title bar of each widget
C. the Local Configuration page
D. Context Explorer


When configuring an LDAP authentication object, which server type is available?

A. Microsoft Active Directory
B. Yahoo
C. Oracle


Alert priority is established in which way?
A. event classification
B. priority.conf file
C. host criticality selection
D. through Context Explorer


Context Explorer can be accessed by a subset of user roles. Which predefined user role is not valid for FireSIGHT event access?

A. Administrator
B. Intrusion Administrator
C. Security Analyst
D. Security Analyst (Read-Only)


Which event source can have a default workflow configured?

A. user events
B. discovery events
C. server events
D. connection events

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